Social Media Listening

The world is having a conversation, and we want to help you listen!

Pendulum has harnessed the power of listening to online conversations as a way of managing risk using the Scylla System.

Our listening tool monitors public social networking sites in real-time, returning information responsive to specific queries programmed for our clients.

Social Media Listening Reports for Facilities

The listening report is a summary of conversations related to your facility across all types of social media. The facility-specific conversations are categorized by sentiment, determining whether or not the thought or mood of a post is positive, neutral, or negative. The report provides insight into where conversations are occurring (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or review sites), whether conversations portray you in a positive or negative light, and the volume of conversational activity around your facility.

Sample Scylla report

Trial Monitoring

Scylla can provide real-time trial intelligence, uncovering nuggets of information that may impact trial strategy:

  • Volume of discussion
  • Public sentiment
  • Where the conversations are occurring
  • Trends in the conversations
  • Public reaction to broadcasted testimony
  • Real-time, daily, and weekly reports
  • Public opinion polling

Juror Analysis and Monitoring

Scylla looks at the big picture but can also report at the individual level. Depending on the jurors' social media footprints, our team can provide in-depth analysis on jurors (in real time), including:

  • Potential biases
  • Political leanings
  • Personal relationships relative to the case
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Opinions on current news
  • Relevant digital subscriptions
  • Group memberships and affiliations
  • Relevant social media activity during the trial

Trial and Jury Monitoring

Entity Monitoring and Profile

Scylla can provide entity monitoring and create an in-depth profile on the entity. Ongoing monitoring allows your team to find out what is being said about an entity at the center of a case, such as:

  • Past comments about the entity
  • Volume of discussion
  • Public sentiment
  • Where the conversations are occurring
  • Which digital influencers are saying what
  • Public opinion polling

The Scylla System can only listen to publicly available conversations and the information those conversations contain. Privacy rules prevent Scylla from obtaining information in violation of a user's privacy settings; however, users' privacy settings are often bypassed when a user posts to a public site.

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