Presentations and Workshops

Pendulum presentations and workshops feature experienced speakers and instructors in the healthcare field. Our presenters are frequently engaged to speak to national, trade, state, and professional organizations.

We customize presentations and training to suit each client's specific needs, offering training on many topics related to risk management and specialty programs. Recent presentations have included:

  • How to Build a Facility-based Risk Management Program
  • Assessing and Managing Risk in the Long Term Care Setting
  • Have You Met a Plaintiff's Attorney ... and Smiled with Confidence?
  • Understanding and Using CASPER Data to Manage Risk in Long Term Care
  • Understanding and Using Nursing Home Data in the Underwriting Process
  • Assessing Risk in American Long Term Care Operations
  • Agents' Training: Underwriting Long Term Care Operations
  • Survey and Risk Management Techniques for Long Term Care
  • Risk Management Strategies for Healthcare Operations Underwriting
  • Long Term Care ... Good Luck!
  • The Weakest Link — Liability Crisis in Long Term Care
  • A Primer on Nursing Home Liability
  • Loosen the Noose — Reducing Liability and Loss
  • Nursing Facility Survey Data and Risk Management
  • Understanding and Using CASPER Data to Manage the Survey Process
  • Implementing Operational Policies and Procedures
  • Risk Reduction Strategies
  • Health Care Safety Specialist (HCSS) Certification Program: Assessing and Managing Risk in the Long Term Care Setting
  • Setting Realistic Expectations: Helping Families Adjust to Nursing Home Placement
  • Why Risk, When You Can Safeguard?