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Mock OSHA Audits

OSHA has long term care facilities in their crosshairs! In April 2012, OSHA announced a new National Emphasis Program (NEP) that clearly states OSHA will target nursing homes and residential care facilities in an effort to reduce occupational illnesses and injuries. It wasn’t long ago that a healthcare facility could turn to OSHA for guidance, consultation, training, and other forms of assistance—but those days are gone! OSHA is now about enforcement and is using severe monetary penalties against long term care facilities to drive home this point. Pendulum, LLC, in association with Sorensen, Wilder and Associates, is pleased to offer mock OSHA audits for long term care facilities. These audits, performed by certified and experienced healthcare safety professionals, provide a comprehensive review of a facility’s safety management program, taking the same approach an OSHA compliance officer would take.

Click here to download the Pendulum Mock OSHA Audits document.