Loss Control

Focused Survey Review/Mock Survey

The Focused Survey Review is a one-day focused consulting visit. Pendulum's risk control consultant will examine areas of concerns based on the facility's actual regulatory survey deficiencies. Upon review of processes and systems related to the areas of focus, in-depth consulting is provided. Recommendations are also provided to assist the facility with maintaining regulatory compliance.

The Mock Survey is conducted by Pendulum's experienced risk management professionals using Omnibus Reconciliation Act (OBRA) structure and time frames to provide a comprehensive on-site Mock Survey spanning one or two days.

The Mock Survey can help prepare the facility for the next survey: Is the survey book ready? How should your staff answer surveyors' questions? The Mock Survey includes a review of policies and procedures, meal management, medication administration, employee files, QA&A processing, the facility survey book, health records, CMS forms 672 and 802, and CASPER data. A daily conference with staff allows facility managers to implement positive changes during the Mock Survey process.