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On-Site Life Safety Assessment (LSA)

Pendulum, LLC has expanded its menu of services to include an on-site Life Safety Assessment (LSA) process. The LSA is modeled after the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service's (CMS) “Fire Safety Survey 2000 — Healthcare” evaluation process, and assessments are conducted by experienced fire and life safety professionals through EM Alliance, an affiliate of Pendulum.

The LSA is a specialized service that can be utilized as part of the Plan of Correction process following a poor survey or in advance of a survey at a facility to help ensure preparation for compliance, as well as utilization of best practices. Additionally, the service can be used following an adverse event like a fire or other critical incident, or when a facility's administration wishes to reveal opportunities for improvement.

During a full one-day assessment, our consultant evaluates all elements of the facility's fire and life safety program. The service includes comprehensive interviews with leadership staff, a detailed evaluation (inspection) of all elements of the physical plant, review of written emergency procedures, and interviews with select staff members to help assess proficiency pertaining to emergency response procedures.

After the on-site visit, the consultant develops a written report of assessment findings, including recommendations to enhance risk management practices. The assessment report is modeled after CMS's evaluation process and includes correlation to applicable K Tags. Upon completion, the report is sent to the client within 30 to 45 days of the order. Rush orders can be processed with reports completed within seven to 10 days from the point of order.

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