Loss Control

On-site Risk Assessment (RA)

Pendulum, LLC leads the healthcare industry in conducting on-site risk assessments. From customized visit to written report, the Pendulum risk assessment is an effective tool utilized by insurance underwriters, agents, and brokers to make proactive and informed decisions regarding professional liability insurance coverage and market placement. The on-site risk assessment report also assists the insured provider with risk reduction strategies to minimize risk and improve defensibility.

During a full one-day assessment, our consultant evaluates clinical and operational processes and the environment for risk of liability exposures. Time allotments and focus during the assessment can be customized to meet specific client needs.

After the on-site visit, a written report of the assessment findings, including recommendations to enhance risk management practices, is sent to the client within 30 to 45 days of the order. Rush orders can be processed with reports completed within seven to ten days from point of order. Carrier clients can track our work with their insured facilities, including facility contact information, assessment dates, consultant, and assessment results, via a secure web site from any internet access point.

On-location Services

Professional Liability Risk Assessment for Senior Housing Communities