Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Risk Management

On-site Risk Assessment for HUD-Financed Facilities

Pendulum has solutions to assist facilities receiving HUD financing meet HUD risk management requirements. Pendulum's initial services to the facility include a One-Day On-site Risk Management Assessment conducted by one of our risk control consultants. The risk assessment includes a review of operational, clinical, and environmental processes that could lead to a liability exposure. The consultant's findings are reviewed during an exit interview at the end of the assessment. Recommendations to minimize liability risk and strengthen defensibility are also provided to the facility.

To assist facilities in continuing to meet HUD requirements, Pendulum offers an array of risk management services and products, including various types of on-site services (focused reviews, clinical mentoring, education programs, etc.), off-site consulting services, online learning services, software, training DVDs, and more.

Download the Pendulum HUD Risk Management document.