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Pendulum ticler™

Pendulum ticler is an electronic tickler system that can help your organization stay current with time-sensitive information, such as Certificates of Insurance for vendors, contracts, equipment maintenance, credentialing, and employee training. It is intended to provide two primary functions: The first is a centralized location to store your organization's time-sensitive information, and the second is to inform you when tracked items are about to expire.

The ticler Assistant is an on-screen reminder that provides notification of documents approaching expiration.

The five main sections of ticler are:

  • Certificates of Insurance: Tracks Certificates of Insurance for vendors
  • Contracts: Maintains a list of your organization's contracted services
  • Equipment: Tracks required maintenance for facility equipment
  • Credentialing: Tracks the appropriate credentials required for physicians and allied health care providers
  • Training: Intended to track classes—including scheduling—and completion of the classes

You can request a demonstration of ticler by contacting Pendulum. We will schedule an online meeting with you to review the many features of the program.

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