Featured Risk Management Services

In addition to its flagship consulting services, Pendulum offers many other services and tools to help facilities, insurance companies, and legal firms navigate the complex world of healthcare and senior housing liability.

Pendulum Armed Intruder and Active Shooter Program

What will you do if an armed intruder makes his way into your building? Are you and your staff prepared?

The Pendulum Armed Intruder and Active Shooter Program is presented by the Pendulum Crisis Management Team. The Program reviews what you need to know and be prepared for in the event that a hostile act occurs within your building or on your property.

The Pendulum Crisis Management Team is composed of the members of EM Alliance, a partnership formed by leaders in risk management, fire and life safety, security administration, and disaster recovery to provide the tools and services needed for disaster planning, response, mitigation, and recovery.

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Enterprise Risk Management

One of Pendulum’s newest risk management tools, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a Web-based system that will help a facility develop a strategic risk management plan. ERM allows facility staff to assess the probability and impact of internal and external risk events in operational/clinical, environmental, legal/regulatory, human resources, technology, financial, and strategic areas. Based on the facility’s priorities, the system generates a comprehensive action plan with assigned tasks and timelines. Implementing ERM program can not only reduce liability risks and the potential for financial loss, but also enhance quality outcomes and reputation.

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Medical Record Procurement Service

Procuring and organizing medical records and other documents to defend a claim can require considerable time and effort on the part of a legal team. Pendulum’s Medical Record Procurement Service saves time for legal teams by providing seasoned healthcare consultants to go to a facility and locate documents critical to a claim. Pendulum’s consultants know from experience the usual—and unusual—places where facilities store their records, and using a client-provided list, the procurement team can collect and organize items including, but not limited to, medical records, incident reports, meeting documentation, physician orders, correspondence, and personnel records, freeing legal teams to focus on review and defense.

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Event Management System

Pendulum’s Event Management System increases the efficiency of recording adverse events and evaluating associated data. The secure, Web-based system organizes all event information, including the details of the event, post-event assessments, investigation, outcomes, and follow-up, and may be accessed within and outside the facility by authorized users. Customized graphs and reports can be produced to aid in identifying negative trends and risk potential. With a variety of other functions, including email alerts and a state report generator, the system allows a facility to improve its event management processes.

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Event Entry Service

The demands and pressures placed on senior housing staff are great. Pendulum offers its Event Entry service to ease the pressure of the events management process. Through this service, clients fax their incident reports to Pendulum, which then handles the critical task of recording and tracking adverse events in the secure Event Management System. Customized graphs and reports are provided to the client to assist in the identification of negative trends and risk potential that may warrant system or process changes.

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