Claims Processing

Claims management is a critical component of any organization. It requires accurate and timely collection of claims data and the ability to analyze loss history. You can achieve this through the Claims Processing System offered by Pendulum. The system's features allow claims representatives to effectively manage their caseloads. Remote access allows users with Internet access the ability to login at their convenience to add claim notes, set reserves, update litigation status, review defense activity, run reports, and much more.

The Claims Processing System offers essential tools for your organization's workflow following a new claim:

  • Provides general claim/claimant information
  • Records notes throughout the life of a claim
  • Affords the ability to attach documents (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.)
  • Manages a to-do list per claim and per claim representative
  • Allows users to set reserves and make payments
  • Creates forms, letters, or documents with claim information
  • Tracks the course of litigation
  • Generates automatic notifications of critical information, including new claim notifications, reserves, or payments exceeding policy limits; no activity on a new claim record; reserve and payment approvals; etc.
  • Notifies users of escalation of Incidents/Adverse Events to claims
  • Manages claims representatives' caseloads
  • Provides automated distribution of client-designed reports, including but not limited to: loss run, check register, defense counsel expenses, litigation, settlements, incident/adverse event logs

Pendulum's Claims Processing services include:

  • Client organization structure configuration
  • Security/user access
  • Online training sessions
  • Telephone or email system user support
  • Updates in system configuration
  • Customization and development of reports
  • System maintenance
  • Claims processing/escalation
  • Bill review
  • Payment processing/check-cutting
  • 1099 reporting
  • MMSEA Reporting

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Click here to download the Pendulum Claims Processing document.