Balancing Risk and Defensibility in the Healthcare Setting

By balancing risk and defensibility strategies in the litigious healthcare marketplace, Pendulum provides a third-party approach that is unique in healthcare risk management.

We offer healthcare providers a full range of consulting services, including risk assessments, on-site consultations, software applications, web-based tools, and training materials. Our risk management specialists assess a facility's risk and offer practical, proven methods to manage that risk and strengthen defensibility.

In addition to our flagship consulting services, we offer many other services and tools to help facilities, insurance companies, and legal firms navigate the complex world of healthcare and senior housing liability. Find out more about our Featured Risk Management Services.

Let Pendulum be your full service risk management provider. We are Pendulum—Agents of Balance!


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Pendulum News

Lawsuits against senior living communities one the rise
(Posted: 05/07/2019)

As the senior population in the U.S. increases, so does the need for more and more senior living communities. And with more senior living communities come more claims and lawsuits raised against them, so when they lose – it’s down to insurers to pay for the damages.

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